GSMA recruits intern students from universities/university of applied sciences with whom it has signed an agreement. GSMA has developed a Product Oriented Internship Approach (POIA) in which students are stimulated to engage in creative activities and come up with a product or a project at the end of their internship. A GSMA supervisor guides interns throughout internship period and helps hone their skills in different creative areas.

In the past, intern students at GSMA have written and published thought-provoking articles on various issues of international development. In addition, they have also organised events, designed online campaigns and have contributed to our research activities.

How to apply? 
To prospective interns, we first advise that before sending an application, take a look at  our website and get to know our objectives and activities. If you find what we are doing really interesting, then please be in touch with us with a short letter of application, your CV and a brief description of a project/product that you would implement/produce during your internship at GSMA.

How are internships organized? 

If your internship application is accepted, a GSMA supervisor will contact you for a meeting. Generally, a Terms of References (ToR) is signed at the first meeting. Please remember to carry all internship papers that your university handed to you.
Though you will have to meet your supervisor for weekly evaluation and reflection, it’s possible to work independently from home or your university. In some cases, internships tasks are possible to complete as a pair or in a group.

If you have any questions related to internship, feel free to inquire by email:

If you have completed an internship with GSMA, please submit your internship feedback here