About GSMA

Global South Media Action is a media and education initiative based in Helsinki, Finland. GSMA operates in the field of international development and produces products and services related to global development issues. As of 2018, GSMA’s activities mainly include media production, online education, development research and advocacy.

Development Reporting: GSMA seeks to redefine the way international development is reported today. Through Global South Development Magazine, we  report some of the most neglected stories in global development and focus on giving voice to the voiceless.

Online Education: Our e-learning platform, UniDevv, offers one of the best possibilities to learn social sciences online. With expert-crafted courses on various topics of international development, UniDevv is the best place to start your journey for understanding the world.

Development Research: Combating pressing global challenges, such as, hunger, poverty and climate change is crucial. We strive to carry out and disseminate cutting-edge development research that helps policy makers to make informed decisions.

Advocacy & Solidarity: We believe in a just and fairer world, and advocate for the rights of the oppressed and marginalised population on the planet. Through our activities, we promote human rights, active citizenship and citizen journalism.